Best franchise leads, what are they and how to generate as a Franchisor

So what are the best franchise leads? Franchise portals, PPC, social media, franchise exhibitions, what are the best franchise leads?

I know this sounds very simplistic but the ones that convert into a franchise sale with the ideal franchisee candidate profile. Obviously this is true but many Franchisors do not know what lead sources actually convert. It also depends on what period of time you actually analyse the franchise leads for as well. For example you generate some franchise leads through franchise portals say for 6 months, none convert so you drop the portal, do you monitor the level of engagement and types of prospects? If not how do you know that the leads were good but just most were seeking to franchise maybe 6-12 months down the line? if that was the case you have just dropped a great lead pipeline to enable you to recruit ideally suited franchisees?

It’s all about monitoring, not just lead volume and CPL but level of engagement and long-term conversions of franchise leads. Once you have a system that can handle this effectively you can review historic data and compare franchise leads from all the sources as detailed above and then tweak your franchise recruitment marketing strategy. This new strategy can then focus on generating the best franchise leads for your business.

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