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Franchise Consultants UK

Franchise Consulting Services

We are a network of experienced independent franchise consultants & entrepreneurs that have achieved business success across several industries. Our franchise consulting services skills have been gained in the real world, delivering real results for new franchise businesses.

Franchise my business UK, how? We will explain our franchise consulting services in “English”, not franchising jargon. Our franchise consultants will spend time to fully understand your business & goals, give you realistic feedback & then create a viable franchise launch plan to franchise your business.

Why choose IBGN over other franchise consultants? 

  • Free initial consultation – Are you ready to franchise? Is franchising right for your business?
  • Best value package – Our franchise consultants are independent consultants & therefore can deliver expertise at very competitive rates.
  • Our franchise consultants are experts. Many of our franchise consultants have 20+ years experience, some having been Franchisors themselves. Real practical skills to help you successfully franchise your business.
  • Free advertising on top franchise websites ( find out more )
  • Professional franchisee recruitment service ( find out more )
  • Free franchise association membership. Quality Franchise Association membership includes over £6,000 in benefits including free advertising on a leading franchise directory

Why franchising is such a popular option in the UK

Recently in the UK franchising has grown more than ever before in many different areas such as people wanting to invest in franchise opportunities and the amount of small businesses who are looking to expand across the UK franchising provides them that option with a higher success rate than attempting to expand an independent business there are many reasons why franchising is more secure than expanding other business models.

  • Franchising in the UK has a much higher success rate than independent business since franchising provides a lot of help to its franchisees and takes a lot of stress off the franchisors since they have the feeling of not being alone since they have highly trained and passionate franchisees working for them that way the owner of the franchise known as the franchisor does not face the day to day stress of running every territory which independent businesses have.
  • Franchising is also a very popular option for parents who want to work from home as well as do day to day tasks as a parent its also a great way for people to spend more time with their families that’s why over the last few years there has been a huge increase in people investing in “home based franchises for sale”.
  • Another plus to franchising your business in the UK is that franchising daily helps many local communities by providing jobs and raising money for chosen charities. Also franchising plays a huge part to the UK’s economy annually by franchising in the UK contributing to over a staggering £17 billion.

Are you interested in franchising your business?

If you are considering about taking your small business to the next level by franchising in the UK and are looking for some statistics or market research around franchising before doing this we recommend you have a read through some of our free articles and information on the IBGN blog today which provides a lot of market research and interesting advice around franchising in the UK. Also if you think you are ready to enter the exciting world of franchising why not give us a call today if you are looking for the best franchise consultancy services for your small business to expand and thrive.

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Our Services

  • Leading franchise consultants

    Franchise Consulting Services

    Franchise consultancy, we will help you franchise your business professionally & cost effectively

  • Franchisee recruitment services

    Franchisee Recruitment

    Free franchise recruitment lead generation & recruitment including premium advertising on UK's largest franchise directory,…

  • Top franchise consultants

    Digital Marketing

    Quality websites, SMS & other marketing services for your new franchisees saving time & money.



Best franchise consultants UK

How to franchise my business?

Our franchise consultants support you every stage of franchising your business & assist including completing the following franchise documents;

  • Franchise feasibility study
  • Franchise agreement
  • Franchise operations manual
  • Franchise prospectus
  • Franchise intellectual property protection
  • Franchise financial assumptions
  • Franchisee induction training programme
  • Franchise & franchisee marketing
  • Franchise advertising & recruitment
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Our Blog

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