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Infinity Business Growth Network Limited stands out from other franchise consultants & franchising consultants.

Founded by Joel Bissitt, a former Regional Chairman of the British Franchise Association and franchise consultant we are a network of franchise consultants & entrepreneurs that have achieved success across several industries. Our franchise consultancy skills have been gained in the real world, delivering real results for new franchise businesses.

Franchise consultancy & franchising advice without the jargon. We will explain our franchise consultancy services and what we can achieve for your business in “English”, not franchising jargon. We will spend time to fully understand your business and goals, give you realistic feedback on if we believe this to be achievable and then create a franchise launch plan to  franchise your business and deliver results.

We are franchise consultants based in the South East but we also offer franchise advice & franchise consultancy services across the UK. We offer free initial consultations in Brighton, Eastbourne, Lewes, Seaford, East Sussex, Hastings, East Grinstead, Gatwick, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Crawley, West Sussex, the South East and the UK.

What is a franchise business and how to franchise my business?

Before you find out how to franchise your business you should really fully understand what a franchise is first. A franchise is effectively copying an already successful business format. Being a franchise business is copying exactly what the existing business does including it’s marketing and all internal operations and passing this knowledge, skills and experience to your franchisee’s via training, support and other relevant franchising documentation including a franchise operations manual.

Once you have franchised your business as a new franchisor it will be your responsibility to look very closely at exactly the way you do everything in your business, document how this is carried out and achieved and then be able to transfer these skills to new incoming franchises.

How to franchise my business

We support you in every stage and advise how to franchise your business. In addition to business planning & modelling for the franchisor and franchisee businesses we can assist & mentor you to complete the following franchise documention;

  • Non Disclosure agreement & deposit agreement
  • Franchising agreement
  • Franchise operating manual
  • Franchise territory mapping
  • Franchising prospectus & sales materials
  • Franchise Intellectual property
  • Franchise financial assumptions
  • Franchisee induction training programme
  • Franchisr & franchisee marketing strategies
  • Franchise advertising
  • Franchise recruitment

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Franchising Jargon Buster

  • Area Franchise – a franchise relationship that allows the franchisee to open multiple locations, usually within a pre-agreed geographical limit.
  • Business Format Franchising (BFF) – a franchise occurs when the franchisor licenses its trade name, brand and operating methods to a person or group -the franchisee – which then agrees to operate according to the terms of the franchise agreement.
  • Churning – a failing location that’s acquired by a franchisor and sold to a franchisee even though the franchisor was unsure of the location’s viability.
  • Distributorship – the right granted by a manufacturer or wholesaler to sell their products.
  • Exclusive Territory – a geographically defined area inside which a franchisee’s rights are protected.
  • Feasibility Study – an assessment of the potential of a company to franchise, or of the potential success of a franchise within a specific area.
  • Grey Marketing – when a franchisee purchases products or merchandise under franchisor’s negotiated agreements and then uses them in another business or sells them to another company.
  • International Franchise Association (IFA) – founded in 1960 as a membership organisation of franchisors, franchisees and suppliers.
  • Key Supplier – a supplier whose products or services are an essential part of the franchise system.
  • Franchise Lead – a person or group that meets the minimum criteria to become a franchisee, and who is invited to submit a franchise application.
  • Master Franchise Region – A large territory that is acquired by a franchisee with the intention of subdividing it and reselling individual franchise locations.
  • Non-Compete Clause – restrictions placed on franchisees regarding competing with the franchised company.
  • Franchise Operations Manual – a comprehensive document that contains all of the information necessary for the franchisee to be able to operate the business.
  • Product and Trade Name Franchising – the licensing of a franchisee to sell or distribute a specific product using the franchisor’s trademark, trade name and logo.
  • Quality Standards – the standards specified by the franchisor for the operation of the business.
  • Franchise Royalty Fee – a percentage of gross sales paid by the franchisee to the franchisor on an annual or basis.
  • Franchise Start-Up Costs – the initial investment that the franchisee will make, also known as an Item 7 disclosure.
  • Turnkey – a term used to describe a location that is provided to a franchisee fully equipped and ready to operate.

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 Joel has been around for some time and with this comes some serious franchising experience. If you need knowledge in the world of franchising then Joel is worth every penny and minute

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Nathan SiekieskiFranchise Director - Jaspers Catering Franchise, Easyfood

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