Franchise Consulting Services

Franchising a business is a big task, you need to document exactly what and how your business has been successful & be able to pass this onto incoming franchisee’s so working with experienced franchise consultants is vital. Your whole business needs to be detailed and transferred including the nuts and bolts of exactly how someone that knows nothing about your business can replicate EXACTLY what you have do each and every day, simple right? Well no it’s not.

When you run a business you are passionate about you naturally focus on the day to day and evolve in an organic way your business methods, what works, what doesn’t, local competition etc all have an impact. You use this knowledge gained through experience along with your business skills and intellect to outsmart the competition and grow your business. It’s this knowledge and experience that people are buying when they invest in a franchise so you need a system and documentation that can pass on all that knowledge and experience to new franchisees.

So how can we help?

Our franchise consulting experts will guide you through the process to successfully franchise your business. Our franchise consultants have many years franchising experience including being franchisors themselves so can help you avoid the pitfalls many new franchise businesses face through lack of experience.

Why choose IBGN over other franchise consultants?

  • Free franchise feasibility study. Is franchising right for your business? Is it the right time to franchise? What are the pro’s & con’s of franchising my business?
  • Our consultants are experts. Our franchise consultants have demonstrable skills & successful track records to help you successfully franchise your business.
  • Your biggest outlay & risk is generating franchise leads to sell your franchise. Our company owns top franchise portals that generated over 26,000 franchise leads last year! As a client we provide discounted advertising & pay for your first years Quality Franchise Association membership ( membership is subject to a successful accreditation process ) to get your franchise launch off to a great start! ( find out more )
  • Professional franchise recruitment services. Once you franchise your business you need to find investors or franchisee’s. We provide discounted advertising on top franchise websites as part of our great value recruitment service ( find out more )





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