Franchise Recruitment Services

Once you have successfully franchised your business you need to recruit franchisees. To achieve this you need to drive franchise recruitment leads & have an effective franchisee recruitment strategy to follow them up to convert them into a franchisee.

We own some of the top franchise recruitment lead generation websites & are digital marketing experts, generating over 18,000 leads in the last 12 months! If we help you franchise your business as a consultancy client you receive 12 months advertising on all 3 of our top websites worth £9,150 + VAT FREE!

FREE franchise lead generation worth £9,150 + VAT when you work with one of our consultants.

Free Franchise Lead Generation Package

When you are a new franchisor and you have set-up your franchise the largest initial cost is franchise advertising and lead generation which is why for all IBGN consultancy clients we provide this free!

IBGN own’s many franchise website titles, some establish since 1999 and for our advertisers we generated over 18,000 franchise recruitment leads in the last 12 months!

When you use our consultants to franchise your business we provide you with the following franchise advertising free for 12 months;

Franchise UK

The UK’s largest franchise directory est 2004. As an IBGN client you receive the following advertising package free for 12 months:

  • Platinum franchise listing
  • Large static home page banner
  • 6 solus e-shots per year
  • 6 x SMS shots per year

Global Franchise Directory

Established in 1999 Franchiseek receives over 2.5 million visits  globally. As an IBGN consultancy client you receive the following advertising package free for 12 months:

  • 12 months Platinum listing in a single or all 60 global franchise directories

Franchise UK Directory

Sister website of Franchise UK this slick and innovative website drives quality franchise leads. As an IBGN consultancy client you receive the following advertising package free for 12 months:

  • 12 months Platinum listing including run of site banner exposure

The total value of this free advertising is £9,150 + VAT!

Franchise Recruitment Services

As an IBGN client you will also be able to benefit from using our state of the art franchisee recruitment service. Recruiting franchisee’s takes a huge amount of time. The franchise recruitment process includes sending emails, following up via email, SMS, telephone calls, it’s a very time consuming task.

IBGN has developed a state of the art lead follow up automation system which handles all initial tasks. These include sending emails, SMS messages, automatically scheduling initial telephone screening calls & pulling this data into a CRM so you can see progress of all of your leads.

In addition to this you also get access to our state of the art lead platform so when you receive leads through your free marketing package you can see exactly where your leads are originating from, even what people type into search engines to make an enquiry!

Franchise recruitment service by experts

Franchisee recruitment services

Franchise recruitment is a very different approach and skill to recruiting staff. It takes a huge amount of time and experience to follow up leads properly. Our consultants are experts at speaking to prospective franchisees and guiding them through the investment and selection process.


Franchise recruitment made easy, we generate the leads & follow up, you make the decision who becomes your franchisee!

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