How do I recruit franchisees for my franchise business?

Once you have set-up your franchise documentation and everything else ready to launch your franchise what you need now is to find new franchisees as passionate about your business as you are and that are prepared to invest, so how do you recruit these franchisees?

There are several very successful ways to find franchisees for your franchise business which includes;

Franchise advertising portals

Just like ours! These websites use many means to find people seeking self employment through franchising including SEO, paid search marketing, social media, e-shots & SMS marketing

Social media

This can be a successful and cost effective way to find franchisees. It will take a lot of time and effort on your part but can ber extremely effective.

Vertical marketing

Say you run a golf franchise, golfers are probably likely to be interested in your franchise so what better way to reach them than golf magazines, websites etc? This could be via paid advertising but you could also write for them or use a PR agency to carry this out for you. If you are recruiting new franchisees within your industry vertical marketing can be highly effective

Franchise & business exhibitions

Although all exhibitions are diminishing for certain franchises this can help you recruit franchisees for your franchise business. You just need to look at the costs and analyse the returns VERY carefully as many franchisees have wasted a lot of budget on exhibitions.


Free marketing of your franchise

If you have vans for your business what about advertising the franchise on them? What about adding it to your core business flyers, leaflets and website? Maybe your existing staff would like to set-up a business and have not said anything? And then of course there is good old fashioned referrals, the best way to advertise, ask customers and incoming franchisees for these.

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