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Franchise agreements

In this section we will provide advice & tips on franchise agreements you will need to franchise your business successfully including information regarding the standard franchise agreement, Master franchise agreements, franchise contract creation including why not to rely on a franchise agreement template but have professional guidance from an expert franchise consultant & franchise lawyers.

Franchise legal considerations

You need to plan you legal position with your customers and franchisees extremely well when you franchise your business. Our franchising & legal experts will provide articles and tips in the section to help you plan for all franchise legal considerations.

Franchise intellectual property

When you franchise your business you will need to protect your intellectual property and ensure this is correctly registered and protected within the standard franchise agreement. Our franchising experts will provide advice & tips so you protect your franchise intellectual property.

What is a standard franchise agreement?

When you are considering franchising or started the franchising of your business you may have come across the term “standard franchise agreement”, so what is a standard franchise agreement? When you franchise their own commonly two types of franchise agreement, a standard franchise agreement and a master franchise agreement, so what is the different between

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