How to sell a business as a franchise

Once you have created the franchise business model from the existing already successful business you may ask yourself how to sell a business as a franchise?

Well “selling a franchise” is a term that makes me cringe! You should never sell a franchise. When someone invests in a franchise often it is the first time they have run a business for themselves and many times it’s a complete change of direction for them as well. You also need to consider your business and brand, you have worked hard to establish credibility so do you really want to “sell your franchise”?

Selling a franchise implies you just want to find someone interested enough, that has the cash and will sign the dotted line, not a great recipe for someone you want to be the local representative of your brand?

Recruiting quality franchisees is not about selling anything, it’s about matching the right candidate with the franchise opportunity and having a great profile of the sort of person that you can work with and will run the business successfully.

This makes recruiting quality franchisees an extremely difficult task which takes time and experience to achieve which is why when recruiting franchisees you should seriously consider leaving this to franchise consultants with franchise recruitment experience.

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