How to franchise a gym business

The UK gym & fitness industry sector is booming. There are around 9 million fitness clubs in the UK, this trend is set to rise even further. With a media spotlight on child obesity & diabetes many businesses have taken the step to setup fitness franchises to capitalise on this growing market, so how to franchise a gym business?

When franchising a business you should consider the following;

  • Feasibility study – Take a good look at your business, the profits. Is the business profitable, growing & do you believe it can continue the forecasted trend?
  • Franchise business plan – You will need a plan to scope out the franchise and steps to create it and launch. This will be required for your new franchise partners ( Franchisees ) but also for your new franchise operation ( Franchisor )
  • Franchise documentation – You will need a lot of documentation including a desposit & franchise agreement, franchise operations manual, Franchisor & Franchisee business plans including assumptions & other internal & support documentation including training manuals etc
  • Franchise marketing plan – Once you have successfully created the franchise & documentation you then need to put together a franchise marketing strategy including a franchise recruitment strategy to find new franchise partners ( Franchisees ).
  • Franchise recruitment & launch support. It will take a lot of time & effort to recruitment quality franchisees & once you recruit them they will also need support to launch their franchise.

Being a gym business careful attention will need to be taken to health & safety laws and documentation. As an existing successful gym business you probably already have this documentation in place. Any important operational procedures like this need to be transferred to the incoming Franchisee. These day to day operations are detailed in the franchise operations manual.

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