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Fantastic Services is an international company, providing 100+ property maintenance and home improvement services to domestic and commercial customers.

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Fantastic Services Franchise opportunities

Fantastic Services is a global company, providing 100+ property maintenance and home improvement services to both domestic and commercial customers. Join the world of tech-driven property services. Fantastic Services has:

1. 12 years of experience in growing property service businesses
2. 100+ high-end services available to domestic and commercial customers
3. 530+ franchises in the UK, the USA, and Australia who are growing
4. 500+ headquarters staff members providing daily support to franchisees
5. 50,000 customers reached every month with promotions and services
6. Over £20 million invested in automation and mobile technology for the industry

You can bring the Fantastic Services brand to an area of the UK and become the one-stop shop for all home services to local customers who will become avid fans of the convenience you offer to them.

The Franchise Opportunities

Fantastic Services offers 3 franchise investment opportunities – master franchise, area development franchise, and working franchise. As a Master franchisee and Area developer, you will become the “ambassador” of our brand and an exclusive representative of our company in a particular location or large geographical area, outside the UK. With our support and sophisticated business management software, you will develop the brand in your territory. You will be responsible to recruit your own service providers by applying our proven and profitable franchise model. We presently have Area Development franchise opportunities in numerous locations outside London.

If you have a business mindset and managerial skills, you can take advantage of our managing franchise offer and be responsible for directing and coaching a group of local franchisees. You will manage the development and performance of several franchise units in a specific locale.

All aspiring and business-inclined people with experience in their respective property maintenance field of work can benefit from our help in starting or growing their existing local business. Our Working franchise offer includes full marketing and sales support, guaranteed jobs and stellar 24/7 customer service. If you have a business mindset and managerial skills you can even be responsible for directing and coaching a few teams. You will manage the development and performance of several units in a specific locale. You can start small and gradually expand your business, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to become an Area Developer in the future.

On-boarding and starting support

From the very beginning, you will be in direct contact with the very same management team that has grown the Fantastic Services for the last decade across three continents.

If you choose to invest in our Master Franchise or Area development opportunity, this is what your on-boarding will include:

1. the Fantastic Academy – an online training platform with courses and information
2. daily/weekly webinars conducted in Zoom conference calls
3. how to recruit and on-board other franchisees/services providers
4. how to organise personal business meetings with franchisees
5. how to recruit and train quality control managers
6. customer care and sales training specific to the Fantastic Services
7. thorough training on how to best use our automation software and mobile apps
8. introduction to minimum quality standards of each service

Note that managing franchisees will also benefit from our comprehensive onboarding support.

Marketing Support

Fantastic Services will handle all digital marketing to generate customers for the working franchisees. This way they will be able to focus on service provision and reaching more customers. We will create a local website and rank it in Google, launch Google ads and campaigns in relevant websites to promote the franchise.

For all Area Development and Master franchisees, Fantastic Services provides on-going support and marketing strategy supervision to help continuously grow your customer base.

Call Centre

Our headquarters boasts a call centre that operates 24/7. More good news for our future working franchisees – our highly efficient Sales and Customer Care departments will handle all communication with your customers to guarantee their satisfaction and maximise sales.

High-end technology

Fantastic Services has spent millions on developing time- and cost-effective business management tools, such as an efficient CRM system, business and customer mobile apps, as well as quality websites to make sure that all booking and job assigning processes are automated and managed in real-time online. This helps all our franchise partners cut administrative expenses, save valuable time and thus, maximise profits. You will get immediate access to our innovative IT solutions, so you can manage your daily work in the most effective way.

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