Sam has an extensive sales, marketing and entrepreneurial background having been involved in business for over forty years. He has consulted with businesses on a variety of topics including, copywriting, advertising, sales training, product development, deal negotiating, marketing strategy, team management, licensing and franchising and across various sectors including, Business Services, Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, Healthcare and more
He’s been a keynote speaker and organiser of international sales conventions, has authored several publications and the book, Life…it’s a piece of cake

In the 1990s Paul F Gorman (now retired from business) was regarded as the world’s highest paid marketing and business growth consultant. This is what he said about Sam: “Sam has a deep knowledge of the mind and what it takes to imbue yourself with a powerful mindset that drives you to high achievement….I advise anybody searching for the path of real success to read, re-read, study, and most importantly Act On each and every day, his valuable materials. You can’t help but achieve everything you wish for when you make this mindset an integral function of your everyday personal and business life”

Living in Northern Ireland, Sam is available to advise business owners on business growth strategies, and in particular those wanting to expand their presence either locally or further afield .

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