Clive SinclairClive Sinclair is founder of Franchise Marketing Consultancy (FMC), a business owner who successfully set up a franchise network from his business.

Clive went on to develop a very successful and quite unique franchising formula. He successfully applied his formula when working with other business owners who also wanted to set up a franchise. He loved the outcome and went on to work with many Franchisors to help them set up franchises.

He has continued to build his consultancy for more than 35 years and has gained exceptional franchising expertise. He also has unique experience as a Franchisee and a Franchisor in setting up and running franchises. He still has interests in some of the franchises he has set up. During the past 35 years Clive has personally recruited more than 500 Franchisees.

FMC has the franchising expertise to guide business owners on setting up their franchises. FMC works with them every step of the way from concept to creation to bring their businesses to the franchise market. The team will also assist in training, development and management. Clive’s friendly, professional, ‘can do’ attitude and drive highlight his passion for franchising.

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